Commands - Bizkit



CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
adminroleMANAGE_GUILDChange the Admin Roleb!adminrole <role>
disableMANAGE_GUILDDisable commands or categoriesb!disable <todisable>
enableMANAGE_GUILDEnable commands or categoriesb!enable <toenable>
filterMod or MANAGE_MESSAGESUpdate the Filter Configurationb!filter <action> <phrase>
joinleavejoinleave, welcomemessagesMANAGE_CHANNELSConfigure Welcome and Goodbye messages.b!joinleave <subcommand> <input>
logginglogging, logs, logMANAGE_GUILDMANAGE_GUILDChanges the Logging Channelb!logging <subcommand> <category> <channel>
modroleMANAGE_GUILDChange the Mod Roleb!modrole <role>
muteroleMANAGE_GUILDChanges the muted user role, this setting is required if you want to use the `mute` and `unmute` commands.b!muterole <role>
prefixMANAGE_GUILDChange my prefixb!prefix <prefix>
starboardMANAGE_GUILDUpdate configuration for the Starboardb!starboard <action> <channel>
ticketingMANAGE_GUILDConfigure ticketsb!ticketing <action> <value>
verificationMANAGE_GUILDConfigure user verificationb!verification <action> <value>
voicelobbiesUpdate the voice lobbies configurationb!voicelobbies <subcommand> <channel>


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
8ballAsk the Magic 8 Ball a question!b!8ball <question>
akinatorPlay with Akinator the Genie.b!akinator
coinflipcoinflip, flip, flipacoin, flipcoinFlips a coinb!coinflip


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
helphelp, commandsShows a list of avaliable commandsb!help <command|category>
inviteinvite, invInvite me to your server!b!invite
memberinfomemberinfo, minfoGet information about a memberb!memberinfo <member>
pingCheck bot latencyb!ping
serverinfoserverinfo, sinfoGet information about the serverb!serverinfo
statsGets bot statsb!stats
supportProvides a link to the Support Server.b!support


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
banAdmin or BAN_MEMBERSBAN_MEMBERSBan a memberb!ban <member> <reason>
disconnectMod or MOVE_MEMBERSMOVE_MEMBERSDisconnect users that are in a channelb!disconnect <member> <reason>
kickAdmin or KICK_MEMBERSKICK_MEMBERSKick a memberb!kick <member> <reason>
lockMod or MANAGE_CHANNELSMANAGE_CHANNELSLock a channelb!lock <channel>
movemove, dragMod or MOVE_MEMBERSMOVE_MEMBERSMove a Member into a different voice channelb!move <member> <channel>
muteMod or MANAGE_ROLESMANAGE_ROLESMutes a memberb!mute <member> <length> <reason>
mutesmutes, showmutesMod or MANAGE_ROLESShow a Member's mutesb!mutes <member>
purgeMod or MANAGE_MESSAGESMANAGE_MESSAGESDeletes user messagesb!purge <count> <member>
unbanAdmin or BAN_MEMBERSBAN_MEMBERSUnban a memberb!unban <member> <reason>
unlockMod or MANAGE_CHANNELSMANAGE_CHANNELSUnlock a channelb!unlock <channel>
unmuteMod or MANAGE_ROLESMANAGE_ROLESUnmute a memberb!unmute <member>
warnMod or MANAGE_MESSAGESWarn a Memberb!warn <member> <reason>
warnswarns, showwarnsMod or MANAGE_MESSAGESShow a Member's warnsb!warns <member>


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
fastforwardfastforward, ffFasts Forward in a songb!fastforward <seconds>
pausePauses the currently playing songb!pause
playplay, pSPEAK, CONNECTPlay music into your Voice Channel! Enter a search query, youtube, or spotify url!b!play <song>
queuequeue, nowplayingGets the Song Queueb!queue
repeatrepeat, loopLoops the currently playing songb!repeat <on|off>
rewindrewind, rwRewind a songb!rewind <seconds>
seekSeeks to a position in the currently playing songb!seek <position>
skipskip, sSkips the currently playing songb!skip <track>
stopStops the currently playing songb!stop
volumevolume, volChanges the volume of the currently playing songb!volume <volume>


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
doasdoas, sudoOwnerRun a command as another memberb!doas <member> <command>
evalOwnerEvaluate some JavaScriptb!eval <code>
leaveOwnerMake me leave a guildb!leave <guild>
sayOwnerMake the me repeat what you sayb!say <response>
statusOwnerChange my statusb!status <type> <status>


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
githubGets a repository on GitHubb!github <repo>
npmSearch NPM for a packageb!npm <package>
steamsteam, steamidGet the profile information from a SteamID or a Vanity URLb!steam <input>


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
addmemberMANAGE_CHANNELSAdds a member to the current ticketb!addmember <member>
closeclose, closeticketMANAGE_CHANNELSCloses the current ticketb!close
ticketticket, newticketMANAGE_CHANNELS, MANAGE_MESSAGESOpen a new ticketb!ticket
removememberMANAGE_CHANNELSRemoves a member from the current ticketb!removemember <member>


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
usmapUnited States Map Triviab!usmap


CommandAliasesUser PermissionsBot PermissionsDescriptionUsage
avataravatar, ava, pfp, avGet a member's avatarb!avatar <member>
colorGenerates an image of a color from your input.b!color <hexcode>
enlargeMake an emoji biggerb!enlarge <emoji>
pollpoll, makepoll, newpoll, createpollMANAGE_MESSAGESMakes a pollb!poll <question> <choice1> <choice2>
qrcodeqrcode, qrGenerate a QR Code from inputted textb!qrcode <content>
stealsteal, stealemoji, stealemoteSteal an emote from another serverb!steal <emoji>