Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for the Bizkit Bot, and the Website.

Last Updated: 10/21/21

Data we Collect & Store

  • User IDs - Tracking Moderation Actions.
  • Server IDs - Tracking Moderation Actions, Filtered Phrases, Tickets, and general configuration.
  • Channel IDs - Used for Logging, Starboard, etc.
  • Role IDs for permissions.

How we Handle Data Storage

We currently use MariaDB as a Persistent Database. Only Bot Developer(s) can access, and modify it at any time.

Data we Temporarily Store

Automatically, We store objects such as Servers, Users, Members, and Channels in a local cache. This speeds up Bizkit, and is deleted when Bizkit is restarted on our end.

Deleting your Data

If you want your Data to be removed from our systems, you can open a ticket in our Support Server.

Please note that some data cannot be deleted per your request:
  • Moderation Actions - We require the request of the Server's Owner to delete this information.
  • Non-Appealable Blacklist - Under applicable conditions (like breaking our TOS), we will not remove your user from our systems.